Page 12 - The Maro Code (Mike Sparks) : Flip It & Read It
P. 12

being paralyzed or severely injured,
                but NOT dying.

                And I knew if I hung myself, my wife
                would never get that image out of her


                So taking an overdose of drugs was
                the only thing that made sense.

                I had been thinking for three days
                about how I could get a prescription

                for something that would kill me.

                And I couldn’t come up with anything.

                So I went to the library to see if I

                could  nd a book on poisons made
                from household cleaners.

                Ones that wouldn’t make me throw

                up right away before the poison
                could kill me.

                As I drove to the library, the song
                “Happy” by Pharrell Williams came on

                the radio.
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